Working for yourself – building a work/life balance

Working for yourself – building a work/life balance

Todays world seems that it is moving at a hundred miles an hour with people being put under more and more stress not just in their personal lives but increasingly in their work lives too. Many people feel they are tied to working ‘for the man’. In some cases this is understandable. People require regular incomes to pay for mortgages and credit cards and in some cases family circumstances dictate how we live our lives. However if you do want to make that leap to achieving a much healthier stress free environment then here are a few tips to help you along.

The first thing of course is to examine your existing skills and see how they could be applied to your new venture. If you feel that you are lacking in certain areas then there are numerous ways to improve them. Take a night school class or maybe undertake a part time university degree. There are also lots of free online courses that you can take so that financing your education will not put a financial burden on your family.

Secondly, research your chosen field of expertise to find out if there is a gap in the market you can fill. The more you research the better plan you can put together before making the transition. Think about what you want to achieve by setting yourself goals. Decide whether you want to work directly as a sub-contractor or work directly for yourself. What hours do you want to work and do you want to work from home or be out and about dealing with people in person.

Setting all this up will help you achieve a successful balance between home and work. Obviously a number of benefits come with working for yourself, the main one obviously is that you get to decide when you want to work but there are considerable financial benefits as well. For example there is the issue of tax deductibles. In a normal job you don’t get to claim for any additional expenses such as travel costs, equipment, office space and so on. many people don’t realize that you can actually deduct office costs even if you are using your own home as your office!

Although working for yourself might seem like you are taking a big gamble, remember to plan and research carefully and you should reap the benefits of working for yourself and create a healthy work/life balance for you and your family.


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